Five Ways to Make a Difference Today


by Heather Kallevig

In the modern world, the average person is constantly bombarded with 24-hour news. Whether it’s on TV, social media, websites, and radio, a large portion of what we’re hearing and seeing is negative. In this environment of seemingly endless drama, difficulties, and sadness it is easy to become disillusioned.

The truth, however, is these news sources are offering a disproportionate frame of reality. The world is not becoming sadder… It’s become better! Through education, we are seeing an increase in activism, peace, and prosperity. In Be the Solution: How entrepreneurs and conscious capitalists can solve all the world’s problems, Michael Strong offers new and invigorating insights about our generation’s potential to change the world. The best part is, we are doing so in a society that is already in the upward scale.

It’s true, we are plagued by concerns with pollution, loss of biodiversity, and terrorism, to name a few, but we are also witnessing the regrowth of hardwood forests, a dramatic decrease in violent conflict, and a rise of conscious consumers and capitalists. We are coming of age in a world with growing potential.

Tibetan Buddhists, in spite of their heartrending history, hold dear to the future. According to strong “they are committed to a 500-year plan to making a better world.” The goal of each individual is to make the best of their world with the opportunities they receive in their lifetime. This is their contribution to the better world.

We can all benefit from this principle, and the best way to focus on making a difference in your lifetime is to focus on the difference you can make today. Below are five simple things you can do today to move us forward into a better world.

  1. Smile

This is perhaps the simplest contribution you can make, and the easiest way to quickly improve a person’s day. By smiling you change the mood of a moment, end an altercation, or instantly help another. After all, it’s very hard to see a smile without giving one in return.

  1. Make contact

Take the time to make contact with those people in your life you may have been neglecting. No matter how busy your world is, there is always time to get in touch with old friends, family members, or even coworkers. By doing so, you are letting someone else know you are thinking about them and that they are important to you.

  1. Show your gratitude

Showing your gratitude includes saying thank you, but it so much more. Take the time to show genuine appreciation for the people in your life, the skills you possess, and the blessings you’ve been granted.

  1. Get outside

Make time every day to get outside. You will increase your overall health, making you stronger for tomorrow. You will disconnect from technology and the distractions of the modern world. Finally, you will enhance your appreciation for the world beyond your own sphere. Better yet, when you do go outside, take someone with you!

  1. Be happy

This the most important way to impact change in your surrounding environment. Nothing else matters if you are not genuinely joyful. Make happiness a priority, and it will become a habit. Even on those days when your car breaks down, you fought with your significant other, and your daily work is drudgery finding the little reasons to be happy will dramatically change your overall gladness and your contentment will lastingly impact others.

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