LIke a Girl – Negative Impact on our Sense of Self

by Heather Kallevig

Sense of Self – The phrase implies a meaning held and developed by one’s self, however a person’s identity is often as extrinsically motivated as it is internal. From the day we are born, humans are bombarded by the influences of people around us. These can have a positive or negative impact, making us feel stylish or frumpy, fat or skinny, intelligent or not. Certain ideas or phrases pertaining to Self can be used so frequently they eventually develop into accepted cultural phrases.

The company, Always, began a campaign this fall trying to change one of the many labels which negative impacts the personal identity of women, particularly young girls. They released a commercial, “Like a Girl.” This video is notable because few think twice about the negative connotation connected to gender nor its impact on  sense of self. “Throw like a girl, run like a girl, talk like a girl” are all ideas generally expressed in a deprecating manner. It’s no wonder many girls struggle with self esteem.

These words “like a girl” impact women at all ages, but are especially detrimental for young women. We need to follow Always’ example and spread the idea. Often a standing notion like this is hard to change, but with the power of social media and the strength of today’s technology we can alter sense of self for future generations. Watch this video, “Like a Girl,” – do you have any past experiences or stories that support its importance? You can be a part of the movement. Share “Like a girl” and make this expression a statement of power.

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  1. joygreenleaf says:

    This is really interesting, very cool! This reminded me of a case study, how fashion industry is destroying our self-esteem. After taking photos of models (already wearing heavy makeup), magazines use Photoshop to make the model’s body look slimmer, remove any spots on the face, shape the head to the perfect composition and soft the color tone (so it looks more attractive etc.) before they actually use the photo. You have to be unrealistic to believe that real humans are that pretty and perfect. However, lots of us use that as our “targets”, the goals we have to achieve, which is sad.

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