How to choose an earth friendly day

by Heather Kallevig



Today is Earth Day, thirty-five years since the first national event. 20 million people took to the streets, environmental awareness was raised, and valuable legislation was later established. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air Act, and the Endangered Species Act have all had a major impact in the years since. Today Earth Day is a global observance. Whether you’re able to join a large-scale celebration, or are simply honoring Earth Day at home, it’s important to recognize this day. Here’s a list of options for recognizing Earth Day by making small changes to your daily routine. Whether you choose all or only a few, these options help you make some healthy earth choices and begin making an impact today.

  1. Don’t buy anything unnecessary

Our society has become gradually more and more materialistic, creating many residual issues – we work harder, longer, and spend more time indoors shopping than outside enjoying. Choose today to lay off materialism, avoid unneeded shopping, and enjoy the things you have, the people who are with you, and the fresh air outside.

  1. Eat earth friendly

As a society, our eating choices heavily impact our planet, whether its pollution, deforestation, or transportation costs. You can make earthy-friendly eating choices by being conscientious about what you eat– lower your intake of meat, avoid palm oil, and choose local goods.

  1. Pick up loose garbage

Litter can be found anywhere. Today rather than simply passing by, bring a spare set of gloves and a plastic bag and pick up the garbage you might usually pass. If everyone made this concerted effort it would make a great impact!

  1. Choose a clean form of transportation

If you have the option, choose a cleaner form of transportation today. The optimal choice is to go motor free – walk, bike, roller blade, or longboard. If these options aren’t available to you, choose public transportation, carpool, share a ride. You’ll contribute to cleaner air and lower traffic.

  1. End your day outside and electronic free

At the end of the day, often it feels the only energy we have is for vegging out in front of the TV. Choose instead to spend the evening outside – have a picnic, sit out in the yard, or go for a walk. It’s amazing the rejuvenating affect these activities can have. You’ll be surprised how much energy you possess!

Today’s Earth Day can be marked by a large-scale concerted celebration, or it can be by simply making mindful choices at home. If every person made an effort to follow these few choices, imagine the change we would see! Whatever works best for you, please get out, enjoy the day, and honor the planet – it’s the only one we call home.

Happy Earth Day!