Three Ways to Make the Most of Spring

By Heather Kallevig



In case you’ve missed the not-so-subtle signs – flowering trees, warming temperatures, and twitterpated birds and squirrels, spring is in the air. Though its official welcome date is the March 20th equinox, it’s not until mid-April when you really feel the unmistakable sensations of spring. This is a busy time of year, schools are winding down, taxes are winding up, businesses are ending the first quarter, the garden needs tending and the house is calling for its yearly clean sweep.

It is easy to get so bogged down with our many responsibilities that we forget to take the time to truly appreciate the changing of the seasons. That’s why today’s blog post offers 3 simple steps to make sure you welcome spring properly: slow down, look around, and take a breath of fresh air.

Step 1: Slow down

With so many tasks on your plate, it’s very easy to spend the day going from one item on your to-do list to the next. It’s important to remember, however, that these seemingly pressing engagements are not the only important things in life – you need to add “sit back and enjoy the day” to your list of goals. Slowing down means you take the time to rest, relax, and absorb. Moments of mindfulness are a valuable part of enjoying the rejuvenation of spring while also offering renewal of your spirit.



Step 2: Look around

As you make your day through the spring-kissed world, make sure you are dedicating time to look around and enjoy it. This means more than a glance; it’s a committed look. Pay attention to details. Try and pick out minutia other people might not notice – unique colors, animals, shapes. Take pictures so you can learn the names of new plants and animals. By witnessing the rebirth of nature in the spring, you will indelibly witness your own rejuvenation.

Step 3: Take a breath of fresh air

Whether it’s the falling rain, freshly mowed grass, or new budding flowers, spring is certainly a treat for the senses. Leave the windows open and let the cool, outside air cleanse your home. Whenever you step aside take the time to inhale deeply and appreciate the mingling scents. They’re likely to be different every time and will have a cleansing effect on you as well.

Spring is a short and busy season, which means you must be mindful of its passing and appreciate its splendors. The heat of summer is just around the corner, so appreciate these days of calm and don’t forget to

slow down, look around, and take a breath of fresh air.



If you need additional inspiration to appreciate your spring day, here’s an old country song, My List, that always reminds me to slow down and enjoy the sweet moments of life.

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