So many ways to celebrate Earth Day

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by Heather Kallevig

Earth day this year falls on a Wednesday, which for some people may mean more time for celebrating, while for others it may be more difficult. Either way, it’s important to commemorate this special day and all that it represents – unity for a cause, history and environmental wellness, caring for animals, and leaving a healthy planet for future generations.

Today’s post offers a list of ideas to celebrate Earth Day. You may choose one or several. Either way, I hope it encourages you to get out and participate!


  • Go through the house and look for things you no longer need, give them to good will for those who may need it more.
  • Make your own, toxin-free household cleaners. Here’s a link to some great recipes.
  • Purchase compostable or recycled material garbage bags.
  • Thermostat impact – if it’s hot outside let your house be a few degrees warmer, it’s if it’s cold turn it down and put on a sweater.
  • Check for energy suckers – make sure unnecessary appliances are unplugged.
  • Rethink your fridge – are you overpurchasing each week? How much food is going to waste? Take an inventory of the amount of food you own and eat, determine if you’re purchasing the right amount.


  • Choose plants for your garden that are indigenous to the area.
  • If you live in a dry environment avoid high-water plants. Choose ornate grasses requiring less care.
  • Let parts of your yard grow long, the birds and wildlife in the area will appreciate it. IMG_7593This also means you’ll have far less to mow and keep up.
  • Feed a hungry bee. Bees are at risk today, so if you come across a bee that looks like it’s sleepy or near death – it may be in need of sugar water, bring it a spoon with water and sugar and send it on its way.
  • Put up a bird feeder and bath. Whether the squirrels or the birds love it more, you’ll have some appreciative wildlife to enjoy and observe.
  • Consider bird houses and bat boxes for your yard – this will keep the birds around longer, and the bats are great for maintaining the insect population.


  • Most communities have Earth day events including educational fairs, spring clean ups, etc. Check your community calendar and get involved.
  • Volunteer at a local school, teachers are often in need of assistance with fun Earth day projects. Help out and make this day memorable for future generations.
  • Start your own Earth day celebration. Get a group together to pick up garbage in an area you know is in need, plant trees or flowers, or hang up bird feeders, bird houses, or bat boxes in your local area.


  • If you have a long workday ahead of you and won’t be able to schedule time to get outside, you can still celebrate Earth day. There are people all over the world who work to make our planet a better place every day. Offer your long-distance support, starting on Earth day.
  • Donate to a favorite charity.
  • Find a new charity and offer your financial aid.
  • Let each member of your family research their own organization, explain why they chose it, and donate $10 each.
  • Donate to an Indiegogo or Grommet campaign .
  • Sign a petition – there are many organizations trying to change public policy and petitions are very important. Check your favorite organizations or try web-based sites like Care2.

There are many different ways to celebrate Earth day, and no contribution is too small. By making a concerted effort this one day, it raises the chance that small habits begun will continue. So pick an activity that interests you, get outdoors, and

Happy Earth Day!!


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