Patagonia – The Cleanest Line

by Heather Kallevig

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This article by Patagonia’s Paul Moinester is a great follow up to Why Protect ANWR.  This opens our eyes to even more threatened areas in Alaska’ frontier.  Patagonia is lending their resources to protecting these vital lands and waters.  The region of concern here is the Chuitna River, near the village of Tyonek.  This region is a valuable, pristine environment for salmon, bear, moose, birds, and other wildlife.  It is threatened by open-pit coal mines, specifically the infamous Pebble Mine, and other industrial threats.  Join Patagonia and other activists to lend your support in protecting this region for future generations humans and wildlife.

Save the Chuitna – Watch the trailer and join the fight against coal mining on salmon streams

Three Ways to Stay Active with a Busy Schedule.

by Heather Kallevig

When our lives become busy, and they inevitably do, the first thing to go is almost always exercise. When you’re working ten hours a day, making time with friends and family, and dealing with unexpected schedule changers – it can be increasingly hard to get to the gym. Just because your schedule is tight, does not mean your health has to suffer. Here are three quick tips for incorporating activity into your daily schedule.

Make movement a purposeful part of your day

Being an active individual does not simply mean you go to the gym regularly. It also means you keep an lively schedule throughout the day. Even if your position chains you to the desk, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re moving. Consider putting things you need in different parts of the house or office, that way you have to get up and get them. If you know you’re going to be sitting for a long period of time, set a get-up alarm every half hour or so, and take the time to walk around, stretch, maybe a do a few quick exercises, then get back to work. If you are the type who likes a To Do List, plan out your day so that active chores interchange with sedentary ones.

Change up your exercise

If you are able to get in that regular workout time, make it fun and enjoyable. Don’t get stuck in a rut going to the gym and gliding on the elliptical every day. Change it up! Try to choose different activities. This will ensure exercise is more enjoyable and work different parts of your body. You can also incorporate more outdoor activities. Perhaps Monday you are at the gym, and Tuesday you hit the track. Wednesday you go for a bike ride, Thursday gym time, Friday swim, Saturday hike, and Sunday yoga. You can also get your time in small increments if you don’t have the ability to do one long workout. For example, go for a 30’bike ride in the morning and 15’ of yoga at the end of the day. By purchasing DVDs or following an online blog, you can do your yoga right at home.

Make an Activity Date

Getting together with friends and family is important. So is date night with your loved one. Rather than meeting for drinks or a meal, consider a healthier choice for your get-togethers. Meet your best friend for a walk. Take your nieces to the wildlife sanctuary. Join your honey for an old fashioned date of put-put golf. There are innumerable alternatives that are fun, engaging, and full of movement. You’re likely to have a better time and make stronger memories.

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Physical health is important for your mental and emotional well being. As you get bogged down with that crazy schedule, don’t let it hurt your health. Make sure you are conscious about how your down time is spent, and try to get up, get out, and move. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for it!