“Buy Me Once” Minimizing your consumption through smart shopping

Buy Me Once - Patagonia Repairable GoodsThe age of consumerism is arguably on the decline as minimalism, quality goods, and conscious purchases increase.  People are doing the math, and realizing it’s more affordable in the long-run to buy one quality product than it is to purchase and replace cheap items repeatedly. Businesses are getting on board, providing high quality, repairable goods rather than disposables.  Patagonia’s Worn-Wear Campaign is an ideal example.  The outdoor goods company creates top quality products, and when these items do wear out they offer a repair program – encouraging their customers to love their clothes rather than throw them out.

Buy Me Once This idea of having a relationship with your goods is a valuable one.  Think about those shoes you had as a kid, the ones you wore until your big toe stuck out the front.  In adulthood this commitment to our goods diminishes as we jump on the “more, more, more” bandwagon – fueled by society’s needs for better products and new styles.  It’s time to go back to having relationships with our items.  Think of having a cast-iron pan for decades that you have cooked umpteen holiday meals in.  Treasuring that hat that you’ve re-sewn the top together five times because you know it has another three years of hiking in it.  Replacing the liner in an antique jacket because it’s comfortable, beautiful, and classic vintage~  These are all examples of how my friends and family have maintained a relationship with their goods.  As quality products come back into style, the ability to hold onto your goods increases.  A great example is an up and coming store called “Buy Me Once.”

Buy Me Once Tara ButtonTara Button is a entrepreneur who’s goal is to provide her customers with the highest quality, most durable products on the market.  She was recently quoted in Telegraph’s “The Rise of Buy Me Once” saying, “I thought to myself one day last year when I was washing my Le Creuset pan, I will have this for life – wouldn’t it be great if everything else in my kitchen was like that? You buy it once and you never have to buy it again.”  Tara populates her store with high quality goods, like Le Creuset, that will last a lifetime.  She does the research and tests the products, ensuring they will fit her consumers’ needs.  This diminishes customers frustration with trying on their own to find the best products on the market.

Buy Me OnceTara’s Buy Me Once is an online shop, that launched this year, offering  clothes, shoes, kitchenware, appliances, and even toys to name a few!  Her website also has useful articles, tips, and design challenges.  Check it out!  Wouldn’t it be a great resolution to set for the New Year, that everything we buy we’ll never have to buy again?  Buy Me Once Campaign – give it a try.

Patagonia’s Worn-Wear Campaign “If it’s broke – fix it!”

by Heather Kallevig

Patagonia's Worn-Wear CampaignImagine a simpler world, not so long ago, when everyone was capable of wielding a needle and thread. A tear was repaired, shoes were “gooed”, and consumers sought products that were built to last. Today, we see a slightly different culture. Modern society is a consumer driven, materialistic world, in which a clothing company’s main goal is to encourage shoppers to buy. Clothes go out of style, fall apart, or lose their owner’s interest. For a company dependent on a steady stream of sales, these are desirables.

What if, however, we saw yet another shift, using our modern technology and innovation to build better products, market longer-lasting, livable styles, and encouraged consumers to develop a healthy relationship with their “stuff?”

Patagonia's Worn-Wear CampaignThis spring, Patagonia is taking a momentous step in making this clothing possibility a future reality. Patagonia, a company known for their commitment to social responsibility, has introduced a pioneering approach to marketing using conscious capitalism. Rather than encouraging people to buy more goods, they are advocating effective use, regular repair, and bonding relationships with our high quality goods.   This is the start of a clothing movement. They’re calling it the Spring 2015 Worn-Wear Tour, and it rests on the back of a wood-repaired biodiesel truck. Their mission states:

“Out to change our relationship with stuff, this spring Patagonia’s biodiesel repair wagon will travel coast to coast repairing clothing for free, teaching folks how to fix things themselves and selling used Patagonia® clothing. Bring us your tired, well-loved clothing for repair. If you don’t have any, we’ll supply it. Fix it and you can keep it. Join us for local food and drink, and celebrate the stories we wear.”

Patagonia proposes a commendable mission, to change our relationship with clothes. Moving from a culture where we own innumerable items that are expendable, to one where we possess a simpler closet of well-loved goods.

To join the movement, visit Patagonia’s website and watch their “Worn-Wear Stories.” All see their summer schedule and consider getting involved. Finally, consider a few steps you can take in your own life and use your purchasing power to enhance the movement.

Step 1: Purchase quality

Patagonia's Worn-Wear CampaignAvoid goods that are cheap and likely to fall apart after a few wears. Instead of buying four $10 shirts with a short life, save your money for one $40 shirt that will last years.  It may cost more in the long-run, but you’ll have the chance to wear that shirt and develop a relationship with your clothes rather than throwing it out.  Think of your favorite shoes when you were a kid – didn’t you wear them through the soles?

Step 2: Limit your number of outfits

Patagonia's Worn-Wear Campaign - Live SimplyWhile the many different clothes combos on Pinterest are cute and fun, it does not mean you need each of them in your closet. Pick your favorite clothes, items that are versatile with a few fun favorites thrown in.

Step 3: Choose activities that don’t include shopping

Even if you don’t plan on buying, time spent in stores or malls inevitably leads to acquiring new stuff. Rather than spending your time at stores or the mall, get outdoors and make some memories.  Outdoor activities not only encourage us to step away from consumerism, they also encourage a healthier lifestyle based on sustainability and minimalism.  So get out and discover!

Patagonia's Worn-Wear Campaign

To learn more about Patagonia’s Worn-Wear Campaign, check out this link or share your stories at Patagonia’s Worn-Wear Stories